Accordion Repairs Scotland.

  Iain Buchanan



 A bit about my background

I started playing the accordion at the age of six, making my first public performance at eleven.  In that time I have played many different types of accordion such as Hohner, Scandalli, Guerrini, Borsini, Excelsior, Vignoni and Crucianelli to name just a few.

  In 2001 I made my first of many visits to Castelfidardo and was fortunate to be allowed a tour around one of the many accordion factories.   It was then that I became interested in the repair and tuning of these versatile and intriguing instruments.   I began to learn the art of accordion repair under the guidance of one of Scotland's most respected accordionists and repairers, Archie Duncan.   In 2004 I was able to return to Castelfidardo to work in the Suoni factory, manufacturers of Scandalli and Paolo Soprani amongst others.  During my time in Italy I learned all the aspects of accordion manufacture and spent time with one of the premier local tuners to many of the factories.

 By day I repair and tune accordions and by night I run my own ceilidh band and work as a freelance professional accordionist.  I try to visit Castelfidardo at least once a year and In 2008 I was able to spend time with Claudio Sabatini at Musictech learning how to install their  microphone products.   As well as repairing accordions for my own customers, I also carry out repairs for well known accordion retailers all over Scotland and in England.

My Latest Project

This is a Crucianelli FC45 from the 70's.   It started life as an electronic accordion with the coloured tabs.  Most of these accordions are 3 voice musette and one of the defining features of the Crucianelli was the quality of the reeds.   However, this example was a rare 4 voice with double cassotto chamber and hand made reeds.   Unfortunately  the previous owner's wife took a hammer to the grille after he left with a younger model.   I've completely refurbished the accordion, fitted a new magnetic midi system and retuned it as necessary.   To complete the restoration i've had a new grille made and fitted a new cuplar system to suit.   Now it's as good and in my opinion, better than most of the new accordions available today.   An expensive refurbishment, but well worth every penny.

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